The Sound of the Train

The other day as I was walking outside, I could hear a train off in the distance. The sound instantly brought me back to our time together in your little apartment house. I remembered how warm you were and how calm I felt as we listened in the dark to the sound of it going down the tracks. The darkness didn’t feel scary with you there and the sound of the train as it hummed down the track seemed to represent my life. Going by me so fast, yet still on track, maybe not the way I had envisioned it but none the less, somehow in perfect synchronicity .

I was right where I was supposed to be at that moment in time. Memories of my sweet Italian grandparents and the safety they symbolized to me, came flooding back. Being back home after so many years seemed good for the first time. All those years your face would come into my mind out of the blue and I would ask God “why?” with no answer, then I would just brush off the memory and continue whatever task I was doing.

Perhaps He was giving me a glimpse into our future, but we didn’t know it as we were going through our individual trials. The book of Psalms talks about God planning every day of our lives out before we are even born. I believe that very much.

Listening to the train, I felt the warmth of the sun and a breeze was blowing the leaves off the trees. I admired the way they swirled and swayed softly to the ground. It was almost like they were falling in slow motion. I compared my life to that scene and how certain things must be cut off from us or shed before we can become new. Like the leaves falling from the tree’s, everything changes so that new leaves, and sometimes flower buds can be born. The old must leave so that the new can begin.

So it is with us. We have been given a chance to shed our old lives and start completely fresh. We hold close to our hearts those that came to us from our previous lives and intertwine them into the new, never regretting that part. We shed jealousy, pettiness and the trivial to live in the present moment and realize the great blessing each moment holds as long as we stop long enough to drink it in.

The train stopped to pick us up at the right moment. It is taking us to the place that we’ve longed for for so long. Had we been younger, we wouldn’t have been the same people we are today in many ways. There are still struggles but I know that the power of two is always better than one, so thank you for the ticket to get on board. Love you.

2 thoughts on “The Sound of the Train

  1. Dori, Your writing is so beautiful ! Your way with words and your descriptions make me feel like I am right there with you….. thank you so much for sharing ❤️ Hugs, Elaine

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