She Left Him


She kissed him goodbye once she was ready for work, taking care not to wake him too much, aware that he had a long day ahead of him.  As she pulled out of the driveway thoughts of climbing back into bed lingered in her mind. He made her feel safe, like nothing could harm her.

He made life better despite the normal every day worries and struggles. She left him, a better person than she was before.  She used to feel so different, unsettled, worried, and unappreciated.  Many days the weight of the world seemed to press in on her but now when she leaves him she feel like she can conquer the world because he loves her.

He loves her not in grandiose ways, he loves her in all the little ways she needed. Unselfish love is not weak, it takes a strong man to give that kind of himself to a woman. Without knowing it, by treating her this way he has gained what he has been looking for. Without needing to ask for it, she supplies it. Each day, she leaves him, but he is always with her.

There was a different woman in another part of town who chose not to kiss her husband goodbye.  Her thoughts were in stark contrast to the other woman’s as she made her morning commute.  As she drove to work she looked at her tired reflection in the rear view mirror and felt bitter that she felt no sense of happiness.   After all, she had gotten home late the night before, cooked dinner, took the kids to practice just to come home to see him fast asleep on the recliner.  Clothes still needed washing, the sink was still full and toys were strewn about all over the floor.

He never asked how she was feeling or offered her any help.  She wished she had someone to share her dreams with but that would certainly not be him, he didn’t have time to talk to her. Talking about dreams seemed childish to him and a waste of time.  She wondered what it would feel like if he would just walk next to her when they went places, not 20 paces ahead as though she didn’t exist.

He was in that recliner again that evening as she walked in the door.  She stood in front of him physically and did what needed to be done, but she has already left him in her heart.  A diamond in the rough she is, but he hardly notices in his comfy chair.  She is a blessing which has been disregarded and pushed aside. A genuine heart that was done feeling neglected.  What a shame it is that he is missing out on such a beautiful thing that he could be experiencing.  It is much easier for him to drink with his buddies or just come home and pass out.  It is much easier for him to not be involved rather than to try to make things work.  He is the perfect definition of selfish love.  What can she do for him, not what can he do for her.

Yes, she may be there physically, but she is the one who has already left.

This story could easily be switched around.  Maybe it is the woman who disregards her spouse and how he feels. Maybe it is the woman who is self absorbed.  Every story is different, but I do know that life is short.  We do not always know when our number will be called.  Just go through a life threatening diagnosis and you will quickly see what is important in life.  You will change friends, you will work less hours.  You will learn how to be in the moment and the simple things will all of a sudden make you tear up because you have spent so much of your life wrapped up in shallow endeavors that leave you empty.  I pray it wouldn’t take a diagnosis like that to make people wake up to the beauty that is right in front of them. Without love we have nothing.  Without loving we can not receive it back.




5 thoughts on “She Left Him

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  2. Once again….. absolutely beautiful ! You are so talented Dori and you have a God given gift in the way you write so beautifully……. Hugs to you and thanks for sharing your gift ! ❤️

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