Love Travels

Can you touch love? Perhaps, but I feel like it is a non solid energy.  It’s around us when we remember a lost loved one or feel their presence.  It’s in our children’s laughter and their hugs. It’s at the grave site that is taken care of when all the ones surrounding it have been abandoned and forgotten.  The dirt and leaves brushed away so we can travel back to them if only in our hearts for this brief moment.

Love travels when we think of someone and they decide to call us at that moment.  Surely not coincidental.  Love travels when we hear the sounds of the ocean.  It calms our soul and reminds us how important it is to be still and rest. If Christ was the “Living Water ” maybe that is why we feel His presense when we hear those calming waves.

May love travel from you and to you every day. Our lives really are just about love and nothing else when you get down to it.


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