More Baggage

After years of unhappiness one must decide once and for all if their life is worth all of the strife it contains. We want life to be a certain way and of course, life takes its own path, regardless of what our plan is.  Options are weighed and fear of the unknown keeps us planted in quicksand until one day the decision to move on, becomes crystal clear.  The air is so thick and the depression is so bad we conclude that if we do not get fresh air and a fresh start we may just cease to exist.

I was once told that if I moved on, I would never find anyone who made me happy.  I was told that if I did find someone,  they would have a lot of baggage.  Oh how right he was. Each person had their own set of baggage.  One had a bag full of mistrust from prior hurts.  No one can survive being judged by another person’s misbehavior. One had a bag with a cheaters’ heart in it. No one wants to be someone’s second choice. One bag was filled with laziness and blame. They never took responsibility. One bag was loaded with good times, parties and material wealth.  My heart does not desire those things.  It all seemed so shallow. I decided to keep that luggage in the lost and found . It wasn’t for me to find.

Then someone else came along with their baggage. It was nothing fancy. It had rips and tears that had been carefully mended. It had broken pieces that were put back together and made better despite the brokenness. It came with mistakes and pain, hopes and dreams.

But you know what? It also came with common sense, tenderness, compassion, faithfulness and the same hopes and dreams that lingered in my own luggage. It came with nice things too but those things did not define its character. He brought the whole set and I could not be happier.

I’ve taken that claim ticket from the lost and found and took it home with me. The quicksand is behind me and the air is so crisp and clear now. My smile has returned and I begin to believe in happiness once again.

4 thoughts on “More Baggage

  1. You are amazing! Glad you have someone that enjoys the gifts that you have had all your life, the others were to selfish to see them as gifts. Love you forever!

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