Meadows and Streams


He lets me rest in green meadows; he leads me beside peaceful streams

Psalm 23:2 (NLV)


Life can get so crazy. Sometimes I do not know whether I am coming or going. The to-do list is always full and the bank account never seems to be full enough. The needs list is high and the wants are just almost within reach.


The focus is my choice. I can focus on the rat race and never be quite satiated or I can focus on the green meadows and the peaceful streams. These are figurative of course, for all of those little things that might go un-noticed in my life if I did not slow down and recognize them.


When I focus on the meadows and streams I am at ease. The tension is not so bad and the worries seem to dissipate. I see that I have healthy children and that I am loved. I see that God has provided everything I need and even a few of my wants. I have a roof over my head and food in my pantry. My family has clothes and medical care. We can go to any grocery store we want to and have multiple selections of just about anything.


I am at ease because I have clean air to breath and a warm bed to sleep in at night. Is the to-do list ever present? Yes. But so are the green meadows and peaceful streams.

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