You Meant to Harm Me

I love the story of Joseph in the book of Genesis. As best as I can recollect , he would have these dreams about his brothers some day bowing down to him and of course when he shared those dreams, his brothers became jealous. He was also his father’s favorite which upset his siblings. They decided to leave him out in the desert, in a pit, to either be eaten or just die.

Their plans didn’t work out so well and he was pulled out of the pit by a stranger, and was made a slave. But later he became a great leader due to his wisdom and forethought. When he was a slave he told the king of a dream that he had about a famine that was to happen in the future. The king took note and began to prepare.

Sure enough, there came a time when a famine  was in all of the land. His brothers had to come to him in order to survive. They did not realize it was him they were speaking to at first. It was that moment Joseph spoke of years ago, the one he dreamt of, where they would be bowing down to him.

Once the brothers realized who they were bowing to they became scared that he would repay them for the evil they did to him years before. What I love about this story is that there were times when scripture noted that Joseph had gone to his room to weep over this hurt but there he stood, able to give the payback. But he’s simply asked if he was God and gave them food.

What they meant for harm,  turned into good.   If Joseph hadn’t been sold into slavery and had not later been put into power many people would have starved to death.

Many years ago there were some people that meant to harm me as well. They were jealous, they lied, and ruined something that I had that could have been magnificent. I hurt and I wept. I didn’t understand why someone would be so cruel. But here I am 30 years later coming full circle and getting back everything I lost plus more.

There are still those out there,  trying to harm me,  making up your lies and trying to break apart what God always meant for good.  Keep on trying you jealous haters…and keep on failing too because I know from experience that good will always prevail.

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