Like the Willow Tree

The willow tree, it bends and sways with each gust of wind, so why can’t we, when troubles, worry and anxiety hit us?

I have to be careful not to be so ridged when things happen to me that are, ultimately out of my control. Sometimes I have to be careful not to react before I think things through. Can I do anything to change this situation myself? What if this thing really does happen? What is the worst case scenario? Could something good actually come of this?

Does it do me any good to worry about it or should I see how things really shake out? I can use my mind to re-direct my fear-based thinking. The wind has been blowing a lot lately. Perhaps pain allows something new to be born. It makes us twist and turn and buck. It makes us feel hopeless…. if we let it.

The wind blows me to and fro
Sometimes soft and sometimes hard
If I stay ridged I just may break
In silence, I can see where my heart leans
It softens and tenderly surrenders to the pull
I shed tears if I need to
To empty it all out and start fresh
Letting go of my fears
And accepting the now
And burying my roots deep into knowing I am worthy
Go ahead wind
You no longer have control over my emotions
I will sway this way and that
But, like the willow tree, I will not break

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