Living in the Moment

How can we worry or have anxiety about anything if we are completely saturated in the moment? It is almost impossible.

What will change if we continue to worry about things we can not change or have no control over? I have come to believe that when I worry, I am not trusting that the Universe has everything worked out in advance any way.

Living in the moment has changed my whole way of thinking about a multitude of things. It has made me more grateful for all of the blessings I have instead of focusing on what I lack. It has made me love my family and friends deeper than I did before.

James 4:14 (NLV) says you do not know about tomorrow. Your life is like the morning fog-It’s here a little while, then it’s gone.

I have witnessed people younger than me, be gone in an instant. A sudden heart attack, a car accident, cancer, a suicide. Am I too lofty to think my days are not numbered as well?

A few examples of when can you be in the moment:

At dinner. Are you thinking about everything you “should” be doing while you sit across from your friend or loved ones? What about listening to what they are saying and making what they say matter? I observe so many couples sitting at a table in complete silence. This sometimes can be wonderful, but not every time. What about really tasting the food and enjoying the different textures on your tongue instead of shoveling it into your mouth like a hunch- backed Neanderthal?

The drive to work. How many times do we feel uptight in traffic? Someone is not going fast enough, or they cut us off? Maybe we are running late? Perhaps we should have left earlier. Is there anything we can do if we are late? How many times have we ignored the beauty of the sun rising with pink, orange and yellow skies, or a tree lined street with curving roads? We miss it all because we are too busy being stressed out.

It’s really all about being grateful and having the noise turned down and our senses turned up. It’s an awareness of the Holy Spirit in us, and around us in everything. Every sunrise, every person of every color and ethnicity, every animal and every circumstance that presents itself. It is a tuning into and a sense of knowing that we are a part of a bigger story than we know. Everything is connected. Living in the moment allows us to realize we are part of the tapestry that is being woven right before our eyes.

Each of us is a single thread, a thread that matters to the big picture. So live in the moment. Love your life, no matter what has happened in the past or how unsure you are of the future. Love your life despite the disappointments, for they have brought you to the here and now. You are not “nowhere”, you are, “now here.” Live in the now, live in the moment and be grateful. It will change every thing!

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