Where Were You When I Needed You?

Many times I asked: Where are you? I thought you weren’t listening. I thought perhaps I was too small and insignificant to matter.

I thought that you had other, bigger issues to deal with. I thought I was but a grain of sand in this big universe.

Where were you when my parents were fighting? I can see now that you were there, in the small quiet spot in my room, behind my bed, deep within my heart.

Where were you when I felt alone in grade school? I can see now that you brought me a best friend.

Where were you when my parents seemed distant and unattached? I can see now that you were in my friends’ mom that took me under her wing and made me feel worthy.

Where were you during all of the small and big disappointments?

You were in the sunrise when my heart was lonely.

You were in that sudden rainstorm when I was out running, and thought my whole life had been ruined.

You were in my children’s laughter when I thought I had nothing left to live for.

You were in that moment when I saw an elderly couple holding hands.

You were in that nursing home when my grandmother spoke her last words to me saying: “ I love you Dori Jo”

You are in it all and I realize now, all I have to do is open my eyes and be willing to receive whatever it is you want to show me.

Whatever or whoever we choose to call the ever present, omnipotent, source of life, God, the Holy Spirit, Tao, or the Universe, I believe without a doubt that He exists within and around all of us, weather we believe or not.

I can see now that with every joy and every disappointment you were there, teaching me a lesson or showing me the beauty in every moment. You stretched me and made me uncomfortable. At times I was angry and hurt, but I am a new person because of it all.

Where were you when I needed you? You were here, within me and beside me. You were in others when they stepped into and out of my life. You were in the good times and the bad times, and to that, I say Thank You. I am so grateful.

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