The Sun Must Rise

Just like the rain brings flowers
Just like the storm before the calm
So too, must the sun rise after the dark night….

This morning as I got into my car to go to work, I saw the prettiest sunrise. The clouds were a soft, hazy pink and orange color against a pale blue sky. It looked so peaceful.

It made me reflect on my worries. I realized that just like the dark night fades into a beautiful sunrise, so will my troubles. If I focus on the sunrise I realize that each day is new.

If I focus on the sunrise I can see God’s promises unfolding. Little miracles and big miracles are on the horizon. They are already happening little by little.

So keep believing. Push your worries aside and know that the creator of the sunrise knows your sorrow and he knows your troubles. Each day he offers you a new sunrise and new possibilities. Nothing is too big for Him to handle.

Remember; after the dark, the sun must rise.

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