When you’re faithful you fall deeper in love every day. A lot of relationships fail because some people refuse to give 100 % of their heart.
You can’t have a lifetime covenant with a part-time commitment.
Tony Gaskins

Perhaps fear keeps us from accepting the belief that someone loves us, after all we have faced deep rejection. That person we thought would love us till the end, abandoned us, and not only that, they didn’t come back for us.

Perhaps fear keeps us from opening up to the possibility of something good coming our way. After all, there always seems to be disappointment around every bend, so why believe good is in the future?

Perhaps fear keeps us from surrender in a multitude of emotions. Why feel happy when it is raining? Why feel happy when someone else finds joy? Why feel confident in ourselves, when somehow we manage to let things fall apart?

Fear keeps us in part-time mode. It binds us and wraps us up in uncertainty. It keeps us from the possible and the beautiful life God wants for us. Fear is a tricky thing. It tells us we are justified for feeling the way we do. Well, I say fear is a liar and a deceiver!

Part-time mode is for those who can’t spread their wings and jump into whatever the possibilities are. Living in Part-time mode depletes us of our faith. Part-timers spend their hours worrying about what others may think of them. They think about how insignificant they are because either that is how someone else made them feel or because they believe it themselves.

I don’t want to be a part-timer in anything. I want to believe that what I thought was impossible before, is possible now. I want to believe that I am lovable and have a vastness of love to give away. I want to see the beauty in the rain as it drenches the tree’s and the flowers and washes away the dirt from the streets.

I want to feel 100% happy when my friends have good news and when I feel their support. I want to have faith that the Lord of this Universe loves me and only wants good things for me, even amidst some struggles.

I want to jump into the deep vastness of whatever 100% looks like, a lifetime covenant with someone, with whatever days, minutes, and seconds that I have left….

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