Want You vs. Need You

Is it better to be wanted or needed? For many, that could be a loaded question.

As a woman who loves to nurture others you would think I would thrive on being needed, but I don’t.

Do I want to be wanted though? Yes! Should I truly NEED anyone if I believe wholeheartedly that my Heavenly Father has my back? No.

I feel that being chosen and wanted is so much better then being needed. Being wanted or wanting someone is a more mature, less co-dependant view of someone. They are your partner, confidant, play mate and soul mate.

The constraints of a “relationship” are loosened and we are free to grow and be who we are with eachother. We trust the other person and have self security and in turn, it is given back to us.

I say all this because growing up I felt very unwanted.  My mother may have loved me, but I never felt it. She had the option of aborting me but chose not to. For that I am thankful and believe that because of that, my life has some sort of relevance.

I needed her more than words can say at times. I still miss her and the affection that was never given but always wanted.

You see I needed her, but I felt like she never wanted me. They are two different things.

As an adult I WANT to love someone for who they are. I’m not in the business of changing anyone. People can only change themselves.

I WANT to see the good in others because essentially I think we all have good inside of us.

I WANT to cook for someone because it brings me joy.

I WANT fresh flowers on the table because they make me smile and they remind me of Gods creations.

I WANT someone’s touch because it makes me feel alive!

I admit there are many things I need but I realize that all of my needs get taken care of eventually. 

My wants…well, they are just icing on the cake when they come.

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