Day 34 Man Fast/Say My Name

How do you feel when someone calls your name? It probably depends on the person and the tone of voice I’m guessing.

Scripture talks about how God has written each of our names in His book of life. There are many stories of Him giving new names to those that served Him.

Somehow, I think there is great significance in our name. There is power when someone says it at the end of a sentence just to show how strong they feel.

There is even more power in saying someone’s name in love.

There is power when I call my children by their first, middle and last name all at once. This is when they know I mean business!

I know that He says my name when I’ve disappointed Him and when I’ve pleased Him.

But most of all, I pray that at the end of my life God will call out to me say: “Well done my strong and faithful servant.”

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