Day 21 Man Fast/Pressing Forward

I am looking forward to better days with a new attitude. I can’t always be worrying about the looming “what-if’s” that are constantly playing their tune in my head. I must replace them with a solid answer: What if my “what-if’s” come true?

But after answering that question, I must swiftly remind myself that I must believe that whatever happens, God will help me. I realize more and more that there is only so much I really have control over anyway.

I am forcing myself to look forward to whatever life has in store for me. I have realized lately that I have limited myself of the little joys that life can bring , by thinking I don’t deserve this or that, or I don’t have the time or finances to do the things I love. I have begun to take the littlest of steps to make those things happen.

If I feel like taking a painting class, I will pick up the phone and make a plan.

If I feel like traveling with a friend I will look at my budget and see if I can make it work, and if I need to, I will sell something or work more in order to make it happen.

If I know God is calling me into something else than what I am doing I will remember that He will supply me with all that I need.

I will press forward even if I am afraid.

I will press forward even if I feel unqualified.

I will press forward even if I don’t have all of the answers.

My challenge to you: What is it that you are missing out of life? Why not press forward and do it?

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