Day 16 Man Fast/Focus

Do you ever notice that when you go on a diet, all you want is more of the food you can’t have? It’s hard to focus on other things when you are focused on what you can’t have. Tell me I can’t have chocolate and I will want some. Show me a “wet paint” sign and I will want to touch it.

Human nature is a funny thing. I have noticed that this whole man-fast idea has forced me to re-direct my thoughts. It’s not that I thought about guys all the time, or the lack of one in my life, but I definitely thought of it more than I realized. I am now focused on what I’m focused on.

Change is hard, but I think once you do it for a prolonged time, it becomes easier and easier. I also think the enemy knows our weaknesses too and tries to distract us. He can put something in front of us that seems irresistible at the time and we backtrack.

But, if we realize what happened, we can quickly get back on track and wipe our brow with relief that we didn’t completely blow it.

p.s. Lord, please help me stay focused on my actions that bring you glory. Help me focus on the goals and assignments you have for my life. I can be weak, but with your help I can be strong.

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