Day 12 Man Fast/Diamonds on the Inside

I wonder what people see when they look at me. Do they judge me from the outside or can they see the inside of me? Do they see my life and think I could do better? Can they see the things that bring me joy or the struggles inside?

Am I too tall or not thin enough for their liking? Is my skin not tanned enough or my teeth not white enough? Perhaps they think my hair isn’t long or thick enough. What is it that people see with their eyes when they look at me?

Am I less of a woman because I do not have a diamond ring on my finger or a man on my arm? I know that I am much more than the outside shell that is on display. I have been hurt, but I hold no bitterness. I grew up feeling like an orphan, yet it made me want to be a better parent to my own children.

My marriage broke apart but it made me realize that nobody is perfect. I have lost loved ones to death, but it taught me to cherish each moment with those around me. I struggle each day, but it makes me rely on God, because He is all I have.

I wish when someone saw me, they could see the inside. I wish they could see the love I have and all that I could give. I wish they could see my heart and the diamonds that I have on the inside.

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