Day 8 Man Fast/Please Protect Me

I was in a deep sleep the other night when I was awakened by a woman screaming for help. “Help me!” “Somebody please help me!” She was screaming loudly in between each plea for help. At first I thought I was dreaming, but then I could hear a loud banging, like someone was pounding on a door or a window. It sounded like it was right outside my house. It was.

I quickly put my glasses on and walked towards my window. I knelt down and opened it about four inches, just enough to see what was happening but no one could see me. My heart was pounding as I saw a woman at the house across the street pounding on the door and screaming for someone to help her. I knew she did not live there.

All of the neighbors started turning lights on. Dogs were barking. At the same time I could see and hear a different woman on the phone next door pleading with the police to please come and help her sister. She was crying out and asking her sister to please stop and to come home.
She was in her pajamas and the cold wind was blowing. The disturbed woman continued on down the street, going from door to door, banging and screaming like she was out of her mind. She rounded the corner out of site, but I could still hear her cries.

My eyes welled up because I felt so bad for the woman on the phone. I could feel her panic and how she must feel so powerless over the situation. I prayed that God would help her and the sister.

Men starting coming out of their houses; one guy stepped out and yelled out into the night; “Would someone please control their F******g child!” Some comforted the woman on the phone, and the others braved the cold in t-shirts and shorts and went down the street and around the corner to see what they could do. Or, maybe to just observe, I don’t know.

I soon saw the police car drive by at the end of the street so I closed my window and climbed back into my warm safe bed. A part of me felt afraid that I was alone and that I had no one next to me to keep me safe, but then I thought about my neighbors on both side of me that always watch after me and have become such good friends to me over the years. I thought about God and how he must watch over me too and then I didn’t feel so bad.

Thank you Lord for watching over my children and I as we sleep. Thank you for my friends who I love so much. You always protect me.

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