Day 6 Man Fast/Delete the Distractions

Why do we spend so much mind- energy wondering what some guy (or gal) is doing or not doing? I challenge you to not face book stalk any longer. I challenge you not to read and re-read those text messages and try to find some hidden meaning in them that probably doesn’t even exist.

1. Unfriend
2. Delete
3. Remove the temptations

Just like a smart parent does to a toddler when they are going in the wrong direction or behaving badly, they redirect their attention. Really, who cares what he is doing or who he is with? At the core of it, if he wanted to be we me or you, he would make the time to text. How about this odd behavior: he might even pick up the phone and call to have an actual conversation with you; you know like the good ol’ days when someone actually wanted to hear your voice. You wouldn’t be his Wednesday night date; you would be his Friday night girl on his arm for everyone to see. He would be proud to show you off. You wouldn’t be a secret or someone’s last minute option.

Isn’t that what we all want? Don’t we all want to be the apple of someone’s eye? I know that if there ever comes a time when a man treats me like that again, he would be the luckiest man alive. I know how I would treat him in turn. It’s not that hard. Is life and relationships hard? Yes, but I think they are so worth the struggle. How I wish for some things back that have been lost….

But, past is past and now I can only look forward. However, as I look forward I do not want my vision clouded by the wrong people. I do not want to make the wrong decisions just out of loneliness.

So, I redirect my attention.

I spend time with friends, clean my house and I dream about the things I want out of life. I challenge you to that as well. Every time you find your mind drifting to thoughts of that person, or about how lonely you are, stop. Find that place where you are happy, just being alone or with friends. Be in the now. Cherish the moment that you are in, at that very moment. You will be amazed at how good it feels.

We deserve God’s best. I believe He died so that we can have His best. His best can be a trip to the mountains on a fall day. His best can be the comfort of a friend just when you need it, a child’s laughter or a brilliant sunset. His best is whatever makes your heart sing. So delete the distractions and sing to your heart’s content.

My friends delete the distractions so that you can see all that He has in store for us, and not just for 40 days, but for all your days…

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