Day 2 of the Man Fast/Time to Reflect & Take Inventory

The more I think about this whole Man Fast Idea, I think it’s so much more than that. It could be a fast from anything that keeps us from really thriving. It could be anything that we use as a crutch or a distraction from what our purpose should be. So when I say man fast, you can fill in your own blank. Take time to reflect. Take an inventory of how you spend your time, money or what you think about all the time.

This brings to mind a time my friend and I were going through divorces. We both had been married a very long time and had been stay at home moms. We both have Italian backgrounds and we loved our family, to cook and to decorate our homes. Our homes were a reflection of us and the love we had for those we cared most about. That’s not to say someone who is Irish or any other nationality can’t be the same way, we just like to mention that we are Italian. Pretty proud of that!

The adjustment was hard. We both loved the same aspects of our previous lives, but now our life as we had known it was gone. We had to rediscover who we were as individuals and determine how we were going to handle things from now on.

We had been out one evening for dinner, a good talk and to be honest, a few glasses of wine too. It was a good night. When she dropped me off, I turned around and saw her eyes welling up with tears. I asked her, “What’s the matter?” She promptly said, “I’m going home to reflect.” We chuckled a little bit and with that, I hugged her because I knew exactly what she meant.

We now joke about that moment, because it was a time in our lives when we had to take inventory of our past choices, our current place and our hopes for the unknown future.

The more I reflect, I can see there was One who was always with me even when I felt alone and unsure of my future. When I reflect back I see the One who has carried me through divorce, death of a loved one, financial stress, and disappointment. It is in reflecting back, I can see He was always with me all along, and He was with her too. I was witness to it all.

So my friends take time alone to reflect. Set aside the things that distract you. Write down what you want your life to look like and pray that with God’s help, you will be on your way to not just surviving, but to thriving!

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