The Little Things


It’s the little things…you hear people say that.  What does that mean to you?  I can tell you what it means to me.  I think it’s what we want to be able to reflect on when it is our last day and to say with no regret:  Those were the things that mattered, and I grabbed a-hold of them.  I lived my life to the fullest and my memories are all I have, and they are good.

I know we all have regrets, but I just don’t want to focus on those things any longer. I want to live life to the fullest.  When I say this, I don’t mean material things, because over time, those things fade away and they can’t bring us what really matters in this life.  I know I am a melancholy person in general but hey, its how I’ve always been wired.  I can have fun and laugh but its matters of the heart that matter the most to me!

This is how I want my life to look:

(I’m going to be brutally honest here)

That I loved: I long to have someone in my life that I can give my all to.  I have so much to give.

That I allowed someone to love me: To have someone who can surrender their past “bad” experiences and just take me for who I am and to accept my love and care and to treat me with  love and kindness.

That I was able to forgive myself and those who hurt me

That I saw God in the little things such as a child’s smile, a sunset, a glance at two people embracing, a flower blooming in middle of a weed patch, an act of kindness, my children’s laughter…etc

That my children will always know how deep my love runs for them

That my home will be filled with friends, family, laughter, and red wine. I love fall nights spent on the patio with tiki torches lit,  sitting around the table with a hot fire burning and great conversation flowing. Nothing better!

That I kept pressing on even when it felt like the world was against me.

That I was generous to others whenever I could be and even when I didn’t have much myself.

That I never lost my faith in the One who gave me this life.  I don’t want to waist it on anger and pettiness.

In Luke 12:15 Jesus said: A man’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions.

 I guess that’s true.  I’ve never seen a hearse being followed by U-hauls on the way to a cemetery!  So, what memories are you making?  What will people say about you in the end?  Will it be about how we loved others or how they loved us?  I hope so…

One thought on “The Little Things

  1. I’ve heard that before about U-hauls not following hearses! Love it and it’s so true. Can’t take your stuff with you when you go!

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